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The first ever Government owned Multipurpose Gamma Irradiator Facility will be functional by July 2013. The Facility is being established at Biyagama adjoining the Free Trade Zone, on a 30 acre extent of land leased to the Ministry by the Board of Investment Sri Lanka.  The project is fully funded by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Project Components

  1. Civil construction works
  2. Installation of machinery and Equipment

Project implementation

Project Director Eng. (Major) Nishsanka Wasalabandara.
Civil construction work M/s. Sierra Construction (Private) Limited
Consultants to civil works Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau
Supplier of Plant and Machinery SYMEC Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd  for Plant and machinery and Isotope Technology (BRIT) India,  for the supply of the Cobalt source.

Team of Local Consultants

supervising the supply and installation of Machinery and Equipment

  1. Eng. Prof. Rahula Attalage, Dy. Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa

  2. Eng. Dr. Upali Adikary, Senior Lecturer, University of Moratuwa

  3. Eng. Dr. Chulantha Kulasekera, Senior Lecturer,University of Moratuwa

  4. Eng.W.H. Wickramarathna, Chief Engineer (G&T), Ceylon Electricity Board

Project implementation schedule

  • Civil construction works

    Date of commencement 30.09.2011
    Date of completion 09.04.2013
  • Installation of Plant and machinery

  • Date of commencement 30.09.2011
    Date of completion 09.04.2013

  • Commissioning - May/June 2013

Expected date by which the Facility will be functional for commercial operations - July 2013


  1. Civil construction works        -  Rs. Mn. 261.35

  2. Machinery and equipment   -  Rs. Mn. 223.48

    Total cost       -  Rs. Mn. 655.93

Project history:

  • In 2006, approval was granted for the establishment of a Multipurpose Gamma Irradiator Project under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • A 30 acre extent of land at Biyagama belonging to the Board of Investment (BOI) adjoining the Biyagama Export Processing Zone (BEPZ) was selected for the site.

  • Land development contract awarded in 2009 and completed in December 2010.

  • Contract for the supply and installation of Machinery and equipment awarded in 2008.

  • Contract for Civil works awarded in September 2011.

Current stage of implementation (as at 1st March 2013)-

  • Civil works on schedule.

  • Installation of machinery and equipment ongoing.

Expected outcomes of the Project

  • Increase export earnings through value addition to latex gloves produced for export.

  • Establishment of new industries to produce medical products (increased employment in villages)

  • Education in the importation of medical products

  • Improvement in health care

  • Better market for agricultural export products through quality improvement

  • Acceptance of local agriculture products as being free of banned chemicals used for fumigation

  • Reduction of post-harvest losses

  • Improvements in the quality of agricultural products locally consumed (improving food safety and security)

  • Development of innovative products in health care, food packing and agricultural application through R&D using radiation.


A typical Model of a Gamma Irradiation Facility.
The radiation source is fully shield by a thick concrete shell. The thickness of the concrete above ground level is almost 2m. The radiation source is submerged in water in an underground storage pool and is mechanized to be lifted by the source rack. Irradiation occurs when the products are exposed to the radiation source which is lifted above its storage pool.


A Three Dimensional Picture of the proposed Building


The building as at 1st March 2013 – ready for installation of Plant and Machinery


Steering Committee Meeting in progress