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In September 2011, the Ministry of Technology and Research entered into a Program of Cooperation (POC) Professional Bodieswith the Department of Science and Technology, India to engage in joint collaborative research.

Under the POC, there were two workshops held from 4-6 February, 2013 in India and from 25-27 March 2013 in Sri Lanka in the fields of ‘Trandermal Drug Delivery Systems – Regulatory Requirements in Asian Scenario’ and ‘Clinical, Diagnostic, Chemotherapeutic & Entomological Aspects of Leishmaniasis’, respectively.

The  following joint research projectswere selected for funding under this POC.

  1. Geology - High temperature lower crust of East Central Gondwana: Emphasis to southern Indian and Sri Lankan Geology

  2. Agriculture: Rice - Understanding the genetic diversity of salinity tolerant rice cultivars/mutants and molecular basis of salinity tolerance with respect to Saltol gene expression

  3. Geology  - Developing Methods for Assessing Island vulnerability to sea level rise and its effects on livelihood options

  4. Fisheries Biology- Potential use of biodegradable nanoparticles to deliver recombinant protein vaccine in shrimp model to control white spot syndrome virus

  5. Ophiology -Snake antivenin-Proteomic and transcriptomics profile/ analysis of indo-Sri Lankan snakes: Implications in development of effective, safe and feasible antivenin

  6. Environment Sciences – developing of rice and tea residues-derived bio-chars as effective green materials for adsorptive stabilization of pesticides in soil and water systems

  7. Food Science and Nutrition -Ensuring human health, food and nutritional security through novel cereal and fruit based pre-biotics

  8. Oncology - Investigating the Oncogenic potential of KIBRA

  9. Geology - Palaeobotanical and secimentological studies in Indian and Sri Lankan basins with special reference to Gondwana flora, their palaeo-environmental and palaeo-geographical implications

A progress review of the above research work was conducted by a Panel of Experts on July 17, 2014.