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Hon.Lakshman Senewiratne State Minister
Hon.Lakshman Senewiratne












  • Name : Lakshman Pinto Jayathilaka Senewiratne


  • Communication, Advertising & Marketing Certificate (UK)
  • Diploma in Marketing & Advertising (UK)


  • Member of Parliament Since 1985
  • 1985 Member of Parliament
  • 1989 State Minister of Labor
  • 1994 Member of Parliament (Opposition)
  • 1999 Member of Parliament (Opposition)
  • 2001 State Minister for Water Resource Development
  • 2004 Member of Parliament (Opposition)
  • 2010 Minister of Productivity Promotion
  • 2011 Minister of Sugar Industries Development
  • 2015 Deputy Minister of Disaster Management
  • 2016 State Minister of Science, Technology & Research
  • 2004 to 2010 Deputy Secretary General of the United National Party 
  • Member of the Committee on Public Accounts (C.P.A.) of the Parliament
  • Member of the Committee on Public Enterprise (C.O.P.E) of the Parliament

Organizational Profile:

  • Organization – Ministry of Science, Technology & Research

The Ministry of Science, Technology & Research is responsible for the formulation of policies, programmers and projects with regard to Science, Technology & Research and for the direction of the implementation of such policies, programmers and projects. The primary focus of the Ministry is to ensure an alignment of the activities of all the institutions under it with national objectives and to strengthen research-industry tie ups so that industry is benefitted from research findings to add value to products.
Upon an acceptance that the Ministry has a significant role to play in making Sri Lanka a knowledge hub and in ensuring that the national objective of achieving a knowledge based economy becomes a reality, the Ministry ensures that the work of the fifteen Institutions under its purview, identifies its activities in alignment with these objectives.